Come On Sweet Catastrophe.

they call me Dyke. NY. 25.

i'm transgender - a male lesbian specifically. i am a photographer and (sometimes) a writer. i speak sarcasm fluently. i'm also a professional survivor. i don't like boxes or social constructs. i love my mohawk and my derby family. want to know more? just ask.

Strong Island Derby Revolution

p.s. Andrew McMahon is my hero.

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Stay positive.

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happy birthday to my best friend and derby wife, bitesizebrawler!

happy birthday to my best friend and derby wife, bitesizebrawler!

fuckin hero

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singing the male and female parts of a song because nobody loves you

the inner conflict when the female starts singing before the male finishes his part and you don’t know whether to finish the male part or just sing the female part immediately

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hahahaha yes.

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its 2013 can everyone stop quoting mean girls


I will NEVER stop quoting mean girls.

“You smell like a baby prostitute.”

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Fun fact if you talk to me past midnight i get real personal and it’s weird

12:00am- oh I man I love cheese pizza too!
12:01am- I killed a man once


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somebody’s having a sleepy morning. I’ve got no problem with that. #cuddling #with #autumn #cutie #adorable #yawn #tired #naptime


Great article

ahhhhh. love.

ahhhhh. love.

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